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Booking local activities

Best price deals if you want to book any kind of services from us either that can be hotel, vehicle for city tour, flight or bus tickets, jeep safari in National parks, paragliding, heli tour or rafting in tranquil rivers. If you want to make sure that every service required during the trip are booked than don’t forget to contact us. Here we are here to negotiate you the services at your price. Go to our contact us page either email or ring us for the required bookings. 

Due to your busy schedule you may not have that much of time to search for the hotels, flight tickets, packages for your trip, schedule them on time, negotiate and reach door to door of the service company. To resolve this we Himalchuli Treks have been serving all the facilities in a call. Please go through our website about who we are, what we do then give us a ring; it takes less than a minute and you trip plan is arranged at a glance. 

Let us know your trip plan and we’ll make the necessary services available at your doorstep exactly as per you itinerary. Our years of experience in services sector has never let us down in providing quality services to our clients on time.

Hotel Booking

If you book hotels from us, we are determined to provide service at its price. Many visitors complain about the hospitality and services at the hotels. Himlachuli Trek books you the best price hotels.

Vehicle Service

It is tedious to search for a car when you landed at night. Therefore, booking a vehicle online from us can be the right solution and no worries in a foreign place.

Air Ticket / Bus Ticket

We provide you the luxurious bus tickets for your entire trip as planned. Occasionally flights may get delayed where we make sure that your trip schedule is met.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is often expensive if you go for instant booking. Either you are traveling solo or in a group, we’ll arrange the jeep safari as per your feasibility. Taking consideration of safety in jeep safari we provide you the best service at an affordable price.

Paragliding | Helicopter Service | Rafting

Paragliding from Sarangkot is number of youths bucket list. We have the professional paragliders who will take your wish to another level of fun and adventure. Apart from this if your traveling in group we serve you the helicopter for mountain flights. Rafting with your friends during the tides is equally fun.

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